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list of IT security and compliance audit steps
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Firewall and VPN Audit

ERE perform integrated audits of firewall and VPN technology, focusing on four subject areas to test:

Rules, Objects, and IP Addresses

  • Unique rule identification.
  • Rule name identification.
  • Assessment of rule compliance with security policy and with access policy for a VPN.
  • Identify objects, both observed in event logs and not observed in event logs.
  • Identify rules which are used and which are not used.
  • Identify legacy rules which can not be used.
  • Identify sanctioned source and destination IP addresses.
  • Correlation of rules vs. objects.
  • Identifying unused or legacy rules and objects.

Scanning to Test Rules

  • Scans from within DMZ’s to other DMZs and to inside the corporate network.
  • Scans from outside the corporate network to inside the DMZs.
  • Testing to determine if rules perform their intended roles.
  • Testing to determine if rules exist to perform the intentions of policy.


  • Document all rules and their use.
  • Create a dictionary of rules and objects.

Hardening Change Management

  • Create a change management process for rules.
  • Provide change management authorization document(s).



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